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Tech Star regards warranty repairs as a top priority. Our comprehensive warranty policy, ONE YEAR ON ALL REPAIRS, is among the best in the industry. During the warranty period Tech Star will repair the unit if it fails in normal operation due to defective workmanship or parts. This warranty will not apply to items that fail due to misapplication, including, but not limited to, improper operation, storage, handling or installation; negligence, abnormal temperature, moisture, dirt or corrosive conditions, cannibalized parts or an act of God. The afore going is in lieu of any other warranty or guarantee expressed or implied, and we are not responsible for any expense(including installation and removal), inconvenience, or consequential damage, including injury to any person, caused by the unit we repair. In any event Tech Star’s liability, under all circumstaces, shall not exceed the cost of the orginal repair. Warranty periods on items repaired by our established outside sources may vary. You will be contacted for your approval if this is the case. 

Warranty policy

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